Book cover for Five More Pixs, by Muriel Tronc

Meet Jane, Caitlin, Sofia and their online friends.

Jane is devastated when her best friend Kate is admitted to the hospital after a suicide attempt. But while she struggles with her friend’s coma, she also meets Kate’s cousin online and falls head over heels for the mysterious young man.

Caitlin desperately embraces anorexia after her father’s deadly car accident. Online, she meets Sara, an admin of an app centered around eating disorders, and the first person to finally understand what she’s going through.

Sofia has decided to learn French to impress her big sister who’s moved to France. She joins an app to find pen pals and meets the ideal gay best friend any girl would dream to have.

With social media accounts at the heart of the lives of the three Californian teenagers, they seek human connections at a time when the rest of the world doesn’t seem to understand them. They’ll find support, friendship and love in messages received on their phones. They’ll share their most hidden secrets with their new best friend. They’ll send their intimate pictures to their first love.

They will find out you really never know someone you’ve never met IRL.

About the author

Muriel Tronc grew up in the South of France and has been living in English speaking countries for over ten years. She works as a Program Manager, ex Safety Investigator, for a Social Media Company in Silicon Valley. Five More Pixs is her first novel.

Her personal website can be found at